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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

InAeona - Force Rise the Sun

Force Rise the Sun

                The opening riffs of InAeona’s Force Rise the Sun promise an electronics-laden meditative collection.  The opening riffs lie.  Force Rise the Sun builds to a crescendo of guitar, bass, synth and vocals that carry the listener much farther than a digital koan ever could.
                InAeona’s sound is being described as post-metal, post-prog and various other terms and phrases that fail to really indicate the driving force and unique sounds coming from the trio of Boston-based musicians.  There’s definitely some power metal as well as some industrial elements being pushed out, but always in support of beautiful tunes and soaring vocals by Bridge (the band has chosen the one-named artist trope for their official bio at Prosthetic Records).  Female-fronted metal bands are nothing new, but they are becoming significantly less rare these days, and InAeona demonstrate why this trend is going to continue into the foreseeable future.
                With Dave on bass and James on drums, Bridge’s guitars and vocals drive some really enjoyable tracks of the sort that can occasionally be faulted for encouraging risky driving – loud, driving, enveloping and relentless.  While each song is a unique experience, they also possess a pattern that repeats itself.  Every tune opens with industrial and musical elements starting slow and building to the point where Bridge starts her singing.  During the vocals, the song retains a very metal and manic pace that feels like it never stops building and growing.  The song then concludes with a coda that reverses the intro helping to go from pulsing and throbbing back to a slower, calmer place.

                That each song fits this template doesn’t mean the album is repetitive or boring.  This couldn’t be further from the experience you’ll have.  It means each track exists as a unique experience for the listener to get lost in.  Force Rise the Sun is assuredly a place you will want to get lost in.  How long you stay lost is up to you, but the experience will not disappoint.

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