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Friday, February 12, 2016

Jake & the Jellyfish - Dead Weight

Jake & The Jellyfish
Dead Weight

Following Dead Weight's forty-eight second "Intro" super-reminiscent of Dropkick Murphys,  Leeds, UK-based quartet Jake & the Jellyfish, launch into an incredibly diverse set of tunes.  Self-described on their Bandcamp page as Folk/Punk/Ska the music charges, veers, rocks and reels from general alternative through ska and reggae influences and blowing right through Gogol Bordello-like gypsy rock, these guys craft some fun tunes for your brain to chew on.
The third song in, "Coffee Tally" demonstrates a thorough understanding of all that makes ska so much fun.  The upbeat, horn-backed tune could fit in easily on a Pietasters, Toasters or Hippos record.
Title track "Dead Weight" encapsulates perfectly the energetic alternative sound these guys play when they're not world-musicking their way through tunes like "Coffee Tally" and "Don't Follow the Leader," a Gogol Bordello sound-alike tune complete with fiddle and acoustic guitar.
This twelve-track collection hosts new music as well as tunes that have appeared on some earlier EPs.  Given the band's half-decade-plus experience, it should surprise no one that they've got some serious musical chops and a really cohesive sound.  The fiddle and horns provide important texture to most of their tunes, and these guys crank out primarily a tinted punk-alternative sound, but when they completely jump all over another genre there's no evidence of experiment or lack of familiarity.  There's no gimmickry here, just right solid fun music I can't imagine anyone disliking.
I simply cannot do the fun of this album justice.  Among the twelve tracks on this disc you can look hard, but you will not find a dud anywhere.  The creativity, upbeat, lively performance is everything that grunge never was.  If the lyrics focused more on revelry and drinking themes, I'd say this would be the best party album since Lord Tracy's "Deaf Gods of Babylon."
Why are you still reading this?  Click on over to their site or Bandcamp or Soundcloud and buy this record now!

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