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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Album Review - Divides' Brokentooth

Yeah... of COURSE Chicks can Rock.

Divides - Brokentooth

Female-fronted metal acts shouldn't be newsworthy anymore, but the publicist for Divides felt the need to alert me to the presence of singer CJ Marie when rolling out Divides' debut album Brokenttooth.  Of more interest to me is the band's origins in Alaska.  Currently based in Portland, Oregon, Divides migrated south from the 49th state for the greater range of opportunities and possible attention they could garner outside of their home state.  Good move, y'all, good move, indeed.

Brokentooth proves Divides capable of producing a tremendous range of styles, from the very radio-friendly softer drums and keyboards-led "Sails and Anchor" to the Heart-like crooning over harder guitars of "Echoes Fade" to the almost death metal-heavy "Siren" shouting, screaming, guitar-god riffage and attack-dog drums.  Joining CJ Marie on her southward journey from Alaska, guitarist Bryan Calhoun, bassist Joe Jackson and drummer Corey Rainey somehow found Paul Anderson who adds another guitar and some back-up vocals. an absolute necessity for the heavy metal tunes on this collection.  Just as Divides crosses genres at will, not all Brokentooth's tunes can be easily categorized either.  "Alpenglow" spends a significant portion of its 3:45 softer and slower than most of the songs before bursting forth with straight-up heavy metal, for example.

Since the days when Doro Pesch fronted Warlock and Joan Jett and Lita Ford cranked out Runaways tunes, female-fronted hard rock/heavy metal acts get attention for the fact of the women being there.  While the statistics continue to show women as minority participants, it should no longer surprise anyone that they can grind out moshable and melodic guitar-heavy music.  Divides proves no different.  CJ Marie only adds to the sound, bringing a fresh sound and really driving the sounds the others produce.  Each and every one of these tunes would be far different if the lead voice was Charles Marie.  That would be very unfortunate, as we are lucky to have Brokentooth and the terrific songs Divides will continue to bring us.  Let's all hope Divides remains a name and not an action.

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