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Thursday, July 23, 2015

EP Review - The Grape and the Grain - At Home EP

For those who didn't read my previous review on The Grape and the Grain's self-titled full length debut album, it's probably time you did so, then come back for this. All four songs on this EP are acoustic versions of "The Hudson," "BurntBy The Sun," "The Devil and the DEA," and "If Godis Love" from that disc.
While the tunes are definitely recognizable as acoustic versions of their electrified doppelgangers, the different pace and mellower vibe give these tunes an entirely different feel. "The Devil and the DEA," an story-song about a DEA raid changes tone remarkably. The original version's urgency felt frenetic, like a video soundtrack for an episode of COPS, plays in real time; whereas the acoustic version's speed flows like a pot-hazy memory. More than unplugged versions of the tunes, these re-tooled tracks achieve a radically different feel.
The original disc rocked loud, hard and in your face. Compared to the rush-hour grip of the original "Burnt By The Sun" and "If God Is Love" their At Home counterparts enjoy a Sunday drive through wine country. This comparison pre-supposes a lack of hatred for your commute, of course. As an electrified track, "The Hudson" doesn't quite have the same in-your-face pace of the other tracks covered here, thus its acoustic twin becomes really mellow and bluesy.
These four unexpected sonic gems add a new flavor to the band as well as their original tunes. The At Home EP should win some more fans for a band that needs to break big. This acoustic rendering of tunes sheds light on why acoustic versions exist in a way other "unplugged" collections fail.

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