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Monday, November 23, 2015

Mrs. Skannotto with The Meg Williams Trio, The Dirty Pennies, The Action, and the Sexy Teenagers - November 20, 2015 - Concert Review

Mrs. Skannotto Concert - Buta Pub 11/20

     The Meg Williams Trio opened up the night's proceedings with a nice little acoustic set. Meg Williams as guitarist/vocalist and did a really nice job, while her trumpeter performed well in support. The percussion guy made the most of his busker-like set-up (check out the pix to see what I mean.) As singer/songwriter Meg Williams creates music on the enjoyable and tuneful end of jazz, and did a good job of playing the unsuspecting diners out the door before the punk and ska acts blew the batter off their fish fries.

     The Dirty Pennies, a blues/rock duo on drums and guitar played some killer tunes that genuinely didn't miss a bassist. For two dudes, they make a lot of noise. Terrific noise, and thoroughly enjoyable noise, but a lot of noise nonetheless. The lack of a third guy might limit them a bit to a certain sound, but a remarkably enjoyable and consistent sound embedded with a healthy dose of George Thorogood, which can never ever be a bad thing.  PIX

     The Action followed up bringing energetic and fun ska tunes to the party. These five dudes from Syracuse know how to churn out the catchy whimsical side of ska. Their sound is all crank all the time, and should not be missed by anyone even remotely interested in ska. They also managed to make the most of an incredibly limited stage space, turning in a most energetic performance.  PIX coming soon.

     Separating the two ska bands, punk rockers Sexy Teenagers cranked out their proprietary blend of party punk. Featuring an extraordinarily animated performance style combined with good music and sophomoric lyrics Sexy Teenagers are a local favorite with the kind of punk rockers who have good jobs and own homes. Aside from some truly offensive lyrics, these guys can shred the heck out of a stage. Beware the Sexy Teenagers headache, derived from the volume, the force and the headbanging.  PIX coming soon.

     Of course Mrs.Skannotto killed it when they got on stage. These guys are consumate and experienced pros. Along with pumping out great tunes, they know how to grab their audience. Their highly anticipated next album has been ready to drop for a while now, but behind the scenes "stuff" has prevented them from getting it out, although the current release date is inFebruary. So, they keep building interest by playing the new tunes at live shows, and tonight was no different. A solid third or more of their set this show was new tunes, and they seem to be as awesome as their history indicates they would be. Mrs. Skannotto kicks out terrific old-school ska while bringing new elements, including some neat effects with the guitarist's wawa pedal.  PIX coming soon.

     Mrs. Skannotto tells me they're planning a number of these shows around town, inviting friends and making new ones through invitations. Keep an eye out for these guys to play anywhere near you. The shows are fun, fun, fun and you will get your money's worth.

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