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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Myrkur - M


The opening strains of MYRKUR's latest M, feature some awesomely beautiful and soaring vocals.  When the band swings into gear, the power metal riffs just feel "right" alongside the haunting soprano.  This full-length album grows from the unique creative vision of Amalie Braun, the only credited member of Myrkur.  Amalie decided to use those two really spectacular and beautiful elements and toss in some black metal tracks and vocals here and there.  I avoided using the term "junking it all up" because I'm sure the Braun and their fans don't see it that way, but to my ears, that's what those vocals do.  M is about 85% awesome and 15% black/speed metal getting in the way of perfection.
Braun sings in Danish or some other Nordic/Scandanavian language, so singing along is generally an exercise in following the syllables, but as a "soundtrack to your life" ambiance album, this is pretty good.  You get the calm piano & soprano, you get the interstitial metal riffs and you occasionally get the ear-bleeding black metal waking you right up if the pretty parts put you to sleep.
My favorite parts of this collection are when the power metal and the soprano singer(s) combine as on "Dybt i Skoven" (see what I mean about the language?)  The lead and rhythm guitars work really well with bass and percussion and the singer to make some really nice melodic metal.
This album feels almost like Braun cannot decide on what kind of music to create, so she just decided to do them all at one point or another, either as songs or song portions.  She's skilled, but I'm not sure what the whole point of this record is aside from some sort of Viking musical experiment.  Give it an on-line listen before buying, because I really don't know who is going to like it, but people will definitely love it.  If you love metal, you might be one of them.

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