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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Gardens - Death in the Family

Death in the Family

    Gardens' commitment to music excellence reveals itself early with the Death in the Family's first track, almost a minute and a half of the kind of classical guitar work that Metallica uses to open the song "One" with.  Fortunately, the "Inside a Bad Dream," the second track, and first with vocals does not disappoint the expectation built up by intro, pounding out a loud bit of alternative/power punk that matches the intensity of the song I expected after that intro.
    Gardens can't commit to a particular sound, which is nice.  The third track, "Keeping My Distance" slows the tempo down more than a little bit, and delivers a heartfelt four minutes about something I couldn't tell because the vocals are so mixed into the sound and drowned out a bit by the stereotypical distortion applies to every string played in this track.
    Of the remaining nine songs on Death in the Family, the majority are significantly slow and ethereal as to be almost beautiful.  They're fine songs and do the job of seeming to be deep and important and having something to say.  The few more up-tempo tracks, such as "I'm Not Here" are much more listenable, and come closer to fulfilling the expectations set by the first two tunes.  The album ends with "Architect," a song that starts slow and mellow like the majority of the album before hitting the gas about half-way through and becoming much more engaging and power-punk song, closing out twelve tracks of fine musicianship.
    Gardens Death in the Family has at least one song everyone in the family who isn't a hip-hop/top-40 fan will enjoy.  The album does trend closer to the slower, more measured and quiet style than the few power-punk tunes, but those few liven up the album and proved to be much more enjoyable to me.

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