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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Deathrite - Revelation of Chaos

Revelation of Chaos

    German death metal band Death Rite brings a doom-influence to their grind and dirge that makes the guitar and bass work very enjoyable.  The vocals are delivered in the typical death metal incoherent growl, although occasionally vocalist Tony screws up and a phrase or two is delivered intelligibly (this is the second band I've reviewed today that insists on only using first names).
    The guitarist Andy and bassist Martin have their work cut out for themselves keeping up with the tempo changes delivered by drummer Beff.  Beff switches from funereal dirge to rabbit-heartbeat in a flash.  The faster passages accompany the vocals, while the slower ones allow the musicians to strut their considerable talents.  Deathrite seems to be one of the few death metal bands that don't hide underdeveloped skills or a lack of talent behind growls, distortion and speed.  These guys have talent and just happen to also play a pretty decent brand of death metal.  All the songs come across differently, while maintaining an undeniable doom and death sound.
    Far from breaking the mold, however, Deathrite keeps up the death metal elements throughout the entire album experience, from the black and white cover with the dripping, almost fuzzy logo to the thoroughly cheerful song titles like "Determinate to Rot," "Salute to Death," "Mayhem Remains," and the optimistic and sunshiny "Infernal Domination."  Seriously, one of these days, I'd like a death metal album to be just as loud and obnoxious, but be all kittens and bunnies and sunshine and rainbows.  Minds would be blown everywhere.
    Anyway, Revelation of Chaos is one of the better death metal albums I've heard in a while.  It still hasn't made me a superfan of the genre, but this album at least shows off talent, an ability to really write good music and a willingness to let the listeners enjoy the guys and their skills.  It's not a full-on assault pummeling us about the ears, it's good music for death metal fans.

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