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Monday, December 7, 2015

Every Hour Kills - EHK EP

Every Hour Kills EP

                Nu Metal never sounded better than this.  Existing somewhere near the intersection of Linkin Park, Godsmack, Puddle of Mudd and Disturbed, Every Hour Kills manages a sound at once moshable and beautiful.  All the guitars, percussion and bass a fierce metal-heat could beg for coexists quite awesomely next to some really effective electronic/digital elements on this five-song eponymously titled EP.
                During the opening strains of "Chosen," a synthesizer rains a few bars down as effectively as anything Styx ever put out.  The song changes texture at a few seconds in as the crunchy guitars announce that no, this isn't going to be anything like Styx; it’s gonna be way louder.  The tempo picks up tremendously and all doubt as to the nature of Every Hour Kills flies out the window, and the metal cred is established.
                "Deliver Us," the second track recalls Godsmack and Disturbed pretty effectively without losing the sense of identity a good touring band needs to break through.  "SaviourS" and "Almost Human," the EP's third and fifth songs reflect this sound and feel pretty well - high-quality digital-infused metal that doesn't fall prey to the excesses of death metal vocals.
                The fourth track, "One Reason" fits very nicely among the other tunes, but does feel a bit different; slightly slower and more reflective, but not ballad-slow.  It's a nice change of pace without being a change in quality or sound.

                If you enjoy or enjoyed Godsmack, Hybrid/Meteora-era Linkin Park, Puddle of Mudd or Disturbed, Every Hour Kills will meet every demand and make you very happy.  This is a really good EP, don't miss it.

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