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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mod Sun - Look Up

                Every once in a while I check out a hip-hop album to see what the state of the art is, hoping against hope that the genre has produced a new sound, a novel voice, or a good album of any kind.  When I finally cranked open this album, not knowing what to expect, I discovered that my most recent opportunity to poke my head in the door had arrived.
                I guess people who enjoy this sort of thing will enjoy this record too.  It features a rapping white guy whose lyrics and delivery are pretty standard for the industry.  I suppose he should get some credit for not being a beat track and rhyming dictionary; there are original musical elements here, including some guitar, and the delivery isn't just a staccato recitation of boastful poetry.
                The singer enjoys the full panoply of what auto-tune has to offer, combining that sound with various musical elements to create his tunes.  From the passages that don't sound like he leaned on digital trickery, he's got a nice enough voice and really didn't need the autotune as often as it was deployed.  His rap delivery will stand on par with pretty much anyone else I've heard, and he tries different styles out at various times to create music as much as he's creating message music.

                While I won't myself be hanging onto this collection, it's more from not being a fan of the music, and that he hasn't created anything that I'm enjoying.  If you enjoy hiphop and rap, this will likely be as enjoyable as anything else you've heard.  As for me... I'm going back to the Hamilton Soundtrack; it's all the hiphop I need.

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