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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tempel - The Moon Lit Our Path

                "Carvings in the Door," an eight and a half minute guitar-drenched instrumental journey through the sturm-und-drang-iest territory imaginable, alternates between doom and speed metal during its long passage.  It's a perfect introduction to The Moon Lit Our Path and completely prepares you for the next forty-five minutes.
                Churning out guitars and keyboards like a predator, Ryan Wenzel and his drummer/partner Rich Corle put the "heavy" in heavy metal.  These five tunes all clock in at epic lengths, generally in the eight to twelve minute range, feeding and abusing every metal-guzzling cell in your brain.  If more black and death metal bands followed this approach and left the incoherent vocals behind, focusing solely on the music, the world would be a better place.
                Each track, while sounding quite similar, features its own little moments of uniqueness and awesome moments of originality.  The speed metal portions of "Carvings..." do not appear again, while three-fourths of the way through the twelve minute saga that is "Descending Into The Labyrinth" the electric axe attack mellows for several minutes while an acoustic guitar is allowed time to paint its own pastoral idyll, before the song descends back into the crunch and grind.

                Without being assaulted or distracted by vocals and lyrics, there's not  much else to say except "Buy This Album!"  If you enjoy metal in any of its modern iterations, this is beyond cool.

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